Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What did I get done?

My 3 days are done. I got absolutely ZERO sewing done, in fact, I think I broke my machine trying to fix one little seam. That will be tackled later.

Yesterday, I ran some errands, got a start on birthday and Christmas shopping and could not believe all the traffic! I went to my parents house at the lake...it's so pretty on the water with the leaves changing. The kids were very happy to see me. Mom was nice enough to model for some updated pictures for my shop. I helped them with some winterizing-putting the patio furniture away, covering the planters with plastic (and, in case you are wondering, string DOES float) and cutting back the perennials and little trees growing in the garden. That was interesting. Mom said don't worry about the stuff on the rock wall. But, I thought I could get some of it. The rock wall is the edge of the garden. The rock wall doesn't go up, the rock wall goes about 4 feet down into the lake. Another little tidbit of info that I will share-pine needles are VERY slippery. I stayed dry, but I bruised my bum.

I got the kids all organized and we came home. Of course, they slept the entire ride home and were totally recharged when we got home at 5:30. Hopefully tonight they will go to bed much earlier-and easier!

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