Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Cat.........No Einstein Here

Today we woke up to snow and freezing rain. Snow up above the tops of my Sorels with a crust on the top. I waited til it turned to regular rain to go out and shovel, so I wouldn't create a skating rink. It was a snow day, so I vaccuumed the living room, got in the recliner with the kids and read a bunch of stories. Finally, it warmed up and was regular old rain. It was horrible, the snow was so wet and heavy. Kids are running in the puddles, they are soaked and freezing by the time we come in. I give them a bath and put on dry snuggly clothes, we play a game, read some more, have a late lunch, veg out. All of a sudden, Griffin says, I haven't seen George since we came in. The door wasn't left open but George likes to escape from time to time. I've had a shower, so I put jeans on under my flannel nightie and go out in the pouring rain to look for this cat who can easily walk on the crust and leave no prints. Twenty minutes later, I come in, wet all over again and no cat. Kids tell me I have to call Daddy and tell him, since it's his cat. I call. Tell Michael I've looked all over the house, can't find the cat. Looked out side, can't find the cat. He says, remember the last time George disappeared he was under the recliner? I hang up. I had the foot rest up on the recliner when I vaccuumed and when I was reading to the kids. I pull the lever, the footrest goes up and lo and behold, there's George, wedged in there.

Here's the thing...he was in there for over 3 hours, and we were on the floor right next to him for 2 1/2 of those hours!!! Do you think he could have meowed or something? Was he going to stay there and hope someone found him? Maybe I am just used to Echo, who talked all the time. She'd meow as she ate, slept, walked and would most definitely let me know if something was amiss. She would crawl into open drawers and burrow under things, fall asleep and get shut in, but she's yowl, scratch and claw til someone came to get her. Poor George. He's just not that smart, I guess.