Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rewarding Loyal Buyers

Yesterday, while driving to and from swimming lessons, one hour each way, I got bored, my mind wandered and I came up with a great idea....reward loyal buyers. I have a wonderful friend who's son has impeccable taste...she has requested a custom order bathing suit. This will be her FIFTH purchase from my shop, To reward her loyalty, she has joined the FREE SHIPPING CLUB. Any and all purchases from this point on will be shipped for free.

Please visit her shops at and

Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy Weekend

It was a crazy weekend. My carpet shampooer spurted all the soapy water onto the rug, but wouldn't suck it back up. It kinda sucks when your carpet shampooer DOESN'T suck. So, it was a fast trip to the vaccuum store to drop off the broken one and get a rental to eliminate the swamp that was my living room floor. The rental actually worked better than mine, but it was a big cumbersome to get out of the car and up the stairs into the house!

Saturday afternoon, my son had a birthday party. After the pinata was broken, he took all of his candy and sorted it on a cooler, pulled a lawn chair behind it, sat down and announced his candy store was open, $5 a piece. What a businessman, huh? (he's 4)

Yesterday, we went to the lake. My husband and I had a meeting, the kids swam and played in the water, then it rained...we drove home in torrential downpours. The kids thought we were driving under water! We came home, all hung out on the couch and watched a movie. That's not something we do on weekends in the summer, because we are usually not home! It was very relaxing and we all enjoyed the family time.

I even had time to make some new items for both of my shops...and thanks to my friend Nat for modeling the Fruit and Fiction tote.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Time Management

Is it just me, or are there others out there that have grandiose ideas and goals for productivity for the day and they never, ever pan out? I have been trying to keep track of how long it takes to lay out, cut out, pin and sew items, for time management and pricing (but the pricing thing is a story for another day). However, I still can not quite manage to accomplish what I think I can in the time allotted.

Sometimes the kids throw a monkey wrench into the schedule, sometimes I royally screw up and have to rip out a seam and resew it....or, like the other day, an important piece of equipment (my iron) dies or is lost. Yeah, I hear everyone saying, well, if you were just more organized.....but who has time to be organized when there isn't enough time to get things done to begin with?

Anyone have any suggestions for organizing, time management, etc?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


No school, no swimming lessons yet. So, you'd think I'd have tons of free time and be super organized with a clean house, weeded gardens and tons of stock for both shops ready and waiting to be listed! hahaha. What a joke. I think the lack of a schedule makes things harder. I'm much more apt to just waste time here and there because I don't have any place I have to be at any particular time.

Swimming starts next week, dance recital is next Saturday, and then sailing begins Saturdays and Sundays on July 4th. Crazy, busy hectic summer is here...hang on. It is so stressful and hectic for the the next 10 weeks...then, suddenly, it's Labor Day and time to put away boats, say goodbye to summer friends and return to "normal" for the winter.

Stay tuned....this serene approach to summer may not last......

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catching Up

Wow, what a weekend. We went to a wedding on Saturday...very good family friend got married. Finally. We were due for some nasty thunderstorms during the ceremony, but they went to the south. Good thing, because me and all my "restraint" would not have been able to keep a straight face (read that I'd be laughing out loud) if there were flashes of lightning and claps of thunder during the wedding).

On Sunday, mom, the kids and I visited my grandfather for Father's Day. We all had a good visit. My husband had 2 sailing races and won them both. I had a fever and felt like crap by the time we got home.

Monday I should have been unpacking and getting organized. Oh no. My cold went into my inner ear and I was soooo dizzy I couldn't even stand up. My kids were so good. They raided the fridge and would bring me snacks.

I was a bit better yesterday. Today I feel just about 100%....and the piles of laundry I have to scale to get anywhere in this house is a bit daunting. So, on that note, off to the laundry pit. Hopefully some sewing will occur later! Stay tuned for more creations.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I've Been Busy

I have new items in my etsy shops! First, the Color Outside the Lines Market Tote. Not only is it roomy enough for lots of groceries, but it has a firm bottom for easy packing and a moisture repellent liner, so spills wipe right out. And, as promised, Chapter 2 of "The Date" story. If you need Chapter 1, check out the Wild in The Street Market tote under my sold items in my etsy shop,

Then, in my other shop, GriffinGear, I have created the "Here I Am" line of hats and Tshirts....bright colors so that you can easily spot your children (big and small) at the beach, park, wherever! Just like "real" photographers, I did have a problem with a tempermental model. But, there are no labor unions at home, so he was replaced by his sister. Check it out here

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Rose by Another Name.....

Would still have thorns! I am new to this whole rose thing, but I'm doing pretty well. My garden still looks good.....I'm slowly moving things and adding new things so that I have something blooming somewhere all the time. Last year, it started to peter out by now, so I'm happy.

The kids are really getting into it, too. We planted vegetables that we started as seeds inside and they have been diligently watering and checking for weeds. We did lose a few lettuce plants to mistaken identity.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Means Hot Weather, But

this is ridiculous! It's 97 degrees and humid. It's too hot to play outside. Kids are bored with being inside. It rained last week. It was too wet to play outside. Kids got bored being inside. Anyone see a trend here?

I was hoping to get some time to sew some more bathing suits and shorts for GriffinGear and tote bags and aprons for Pandys, but the kids want me to read to them, play with them....and I really can't say that I blame them.

I've been doing laundry, but it's not drying. I use drying racks and put them in the driveway in the spring/summer/fall. I hung out clothes yesterday morning. They were still damp when they came in last night. I put the racks out again this morning....clothes were not dry.

Rumor has it the weather is supposed to break tomorrow. I sure hope so...I need to take Sarah to dance class this afternoon and it's costume week. She needs her hair slicked back in a bun, full make up ....she's going to melt, I'm afraid.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a it Friday yet?

Yesterday I had my annual mammogram. What fun. Why do they get you all arranged, boob in a vice...and then say don't move? Seriously, where are you going to go?

Today, I had to have a cavity redone. Again. The filling keeps breaking, the tooth has a crack. If this doesn't work, I'm going to need a crown.

But, I did manage to get another beer quilt made and listed....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Isn't He Sweet?

I know we all think our children are the cutest things on the planet....but my son, who is my model for GriffinGear has moments of extreme cuteness. I wanted him to sit on the retaining wall with the perennial bed in the background.....he kept walking and said, Mummy, I want to sit by the forget me nots. Then, as I'm taking the picture, he reaches around and picks one. As I took this picture, he was saying, Mummy, I picked this flower for you because I love you.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Third Time is a Charm!

I tried a green bathing son picked out some bright lime green fabric. First try....pattern directions were wrong. Went in the trash. Tried a second time with blue fabric. Don't ever use clear swimsuit elastic. You will want to strangle yourself with it. That one is a little odd, but he can wear it okay. I sure can't sell it, though! Third try....came out pretty well, I'd say!!!!!!

I just got sick of bathing suits for little boys that were covered in skulls, or were board short length....looked like capris on a little boy.