Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toasty Tootsies..Adult Style

I did the fleece slippers for my boys (and girls) shop, GriffinGear and decided I needed some for the larger footed adults in the world, so, new from my shop Pandys, adult fleece slippers. You pick the size and color and I do the rest.

My husband told me my old slippers gave him the creeps. They were the suede ones with the fake sheepskin lining. Very warm, but he said that's what his mom wore. I had another pair that were more of a slide slipper. I hated the fwap, fwap, fwap noise they made. And, for those of you that know me....I am not the most organized and tend to take things off here and there and never remember where I left my shoes, keys, wallet, phone, etc. So, I can run downstairs, slip on rainboots or winter boots, do what I have to do, then take my boots off and I still have my slippers on my feet. Can't do that with other types of slippers.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fleece Slippers

I have listed a new item today..for babies, kids and adults....Fleece Slippers. You pick the size and color...and I make the slippers. How cool is that? They are easy to slip on and off...I have a pair and I slip on my winter boots, rain boots..whatever..with them on, then when I come back in the house, I already have my slippers on. Yes, I am all about convenience (or, you could say I'm lazy, depends on your perspective!)

Not only are they fun to make, I LOVE working with people to create something special, something just for them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall is Gorgeous

Today was a perfect fall day....sunny day, crisp breeze.....we walked to both schools this morning, I raked leaves for a while, walked to get both kids after school...they love fall, too. They dragged their feet through the piles of leaves on the side of the road, enjoyed the breeze...they are so fun to watch.

After the past few weeks of sewing like a mad fool for the craft fair, this week I'm doing whatever my kids want...within reason. Yesterday we played Clifford Bingo, Clue, Jr., Ear Tug, Cootie, Ants in the Pants and Go Fish. We read lots of stories, built great towers out of cardboard blocks to house both Barbie and trains, and just had fun. We also went to the Veteran's Day Parade to pay our respects to those Veteran's who fought for our country's values.

I've also decided that after the kids go to bed, I'll sew for a bit, but I also need to take some time for myself. Read a book, watch TV or knit. Last winter I taught myself how to knit, but stopped over the summer. Now that fall's back, it's dark sooner, the needles are calling my name. So, later tonight, after the dishes have been done, the living room vaccuumed and the kitchen straightened up, I'll be having a cup of tea, watching Bones and working on a scarf for my daughter. It's got dropped stitches and a few mistakes. It's also got so much love in it, the mistakes just don't matter.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Craft Fair Booth

This year, I set up alone. This year, I had different items than I usually have. This year, I used the entire 3 hours getting set up. The walls went up in 15 minutes. Then came the rest of it. I moved things, I put up a table, took down a table, put the table in, took it back out. Thought I was doing the Hokey Pokey. I even turned around a few times out of frustration.

My trash picked rack worked well for the clothing. I realized the supports we use for the walls make great display racks, and that clothespins are excellent clips. They even held things on the wooden crates.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Craft Fair Observations

I did a craft fair yesterday. It was a lot of work and I got up way too early, but it was fun. The people watching is always entertaining. I have a few observations to share.

1. If you are over the age of 8 years old and choose to wear Crocs out in public, please opt to leave the ones with the little decorations at home.

2. Backpacks are a great idea! You are able to carry your purchases and leave your hands free. However, remember that your back sticks out a lot further than normal. My booth walls do not have updated vehicle technology and will not beep to alert you that your backpack is too close. My booth is not a permanant structure and can be knocked down.

3. I understand setting can be stressful and annoying. I know many of us stay up waaaay too late the night before working on items (funny, for me, those items NEVER are the ones that sell) and get up very early to set up for the show. However, if I'm by myself and putting up fabric on the outside of my booth (I use thumbtacks and timed myself-under 7 minutes for all 3 sides) and I'm in your space, please don't whack me with your table and mutter under your breath. Offer to help or just keep quiet. I have the same amount of time that you have and I'm going as fast as I can. But, at the same time, don't leave all of YOUR boxes, etc. sprawled in the aisle all the way across so that I have to go all the way around to get my set up pieces in.

4. I totally understand making the rounds and looking at every booth and table before selecting items to purchase. Coming back and purchasing items from me is great. Telling me that my craftsmanship is amazing and my items are of a much better quality than what you've seen in other booths is wonderful. Dragging your friend back to purchase my items, saying, no really, you have to see what this woman has...the quality is top priceless.

I also met some other etsy sellers, however, that will be a feature for another day. I have pictures but have to unpack my camera first! Stay tuned.