Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall is Gorgeous

Today was a perfect fall day....sunny day, crisp breeze.....we walked to both schools this morning, I raked leaves for a while, walked to get both kids after school...they love fall, too. They dragged their feet through the piles of leaves on the side of the road, enjoyed the breeze...they are so fun to watch.

After the past few weeks of sewing like a mad fool for the craft fair, this week I'm doing whatever my kids want...within reason. Yesterday we played Clifford Bingo, Clue, Jr., Ear Tug, Cootie, Ants in the Pants and Go Fish. We read lots of stories, built great towers out of cardboard blocks to house both Barbie and trains, and just had fun. We also went to the Veteran's Day Parade to pay our respects to those Veteran's who fought for our country's values.

I've also decided that after the kids go to bed, I'll sew for a bit, but I also need to take some time for myself. Read a book, watch TV or knit. Last winter I taught myself how to knit, but stopped over the summer. Now that fall's back, it's dark sooner, the needles are calling my name. So, later tonight, after the dishes have been done, the living room vaccuumed and the kitchen straightened up, I'll be having a cup of tea, watching Bones and working on a scarf for my daughter. It's got dropped stitches and a few mistakes. It's also got so much love in it, the mistakes just don't matter.

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