Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just when you don't have a spare second....

I sailed last Sunday. That's nothing new...however, instead of crewing the sailboat, I skippered. The boat I sail is a Star, a 2 man racing boat. As a crew, you are always moving around, adjusting this, checking that....but as a skipper, you really have to concentrate, watching the sails, the telltales, the wind, and steering accordingly. Sometimes very, very slight adjustments need to be made, sometimes faster, bigger adjustments are necessary. Adjusting too fast or too slow can slow your speed (or in my case, totally and completely stall the boat).

so, we sailed and I had so much fun.....then, when we were done, I got up and my back hurt, so I stretched the best I could and took some Advil. By Monday morning, I had the back spasm of the century. If I moved the wrong way, it felt like I had laid on an electic fence. Every once in a while, the muscles would spasm more and it was worse than labor pains.

I went to the doctor and got some muscle relaxants. They are helping. However, after 3 days of not being able to do anything at bending, lifting, moving quickly....the house is a disaster, the kids know I can't do anything, so they are taking advantage of that....I have no clean underwear..wearing a bathing suit today.....I have lots to catch up on this afternoon if the meds work.

On a good note.....I did find the 2 library books, missing since June...I was all set to go and 'fess up today and write a check to replace them, but now I don't have to!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I need a vacation from my vacation

We went to the lake on July 4th and came home the evening of July 13th. We stayed at my parents we did laundry, had beds, food, etc....but it still took a few hours to pack....and I swear, the stuff tripled in amount as I'm unpacking. It's not like I had mountains of laundry to sort, or food and utensils to put away or anything.

I did take my sewing machine and made a hat for my son, a dress for my daughter and too big skirt for myself. I thought my waist was at my belly button, not the smallest part of my torso. That's okay, I can cut it down. The bummer is the zipper was practically perfect. No chance of that happening again any time soon!

So, I'm off to put away more clothing, books, sewing notions and fabric, shoes, bathing suits...and things I didn't even know I took with me!