Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I need a vacation from my vacation

We went to the lake on July 4th and came home the evening of July 13th. We stayed at my parents we did laundry, had beds, food, etc....but it still took a few hours to pack....and I swear, the stuff tripled in amount as I'm unpacking. It's not like I had mountains of laundry to sort, or food and utensils to put away or anything.

I did take my sewing machine and made a hat for my son, a dress for my daughter and too big skirt for myself. I thought my waist was at my belly button, not the smallest part of my torso. That's okay, I can cut it down. The bummer is the zipper was practically perfect. No chance of that happening again any time soon!

So, I'm off to put away more clothing, books, sewing notions and fabric, shoes, bathing suits...and things I didn't even know I took with me!


Bonny said...

actually, I'd be happy to have a vacation - LOL! Hope you all had a good time at the lake - at least the weather cooperated. (although I don't envy the laundry mountain!)

Chris Stone said...

you took your sewing machine with you? you nuts?

It does sound nice though!

Ladybuggz said...

michele, just make your changes on the vertical seams that don't have the zipper!