Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catching Up

Wow, what a weekend. We went to a wedding on Saturday...very good family friend got married. Finally. We were due for some nasty thunderstorms during the ceremony, but they went to the south. Good thing, because me and all my "restraint" would not have been able to keep a straight face (read that I'd be laughing out loud) if there were flashes of lightning and claps of thunder during the wedding).

On Sunday, mom, the kids and I visited my grandfather for Father's Day. We all had a good visit. My husband had 2 sailing races and won them both. I had a fever and felt like crap by the time we got home.

Monday I should have been unpacking and getting organized. Oh no. My cold went into my inner ear and I was soooo dizzy I couldn't even stand up. My kids were so good. They raided the fridge and would bring me snacks.

I was a bit better yesterday. Today I feel just about 100%....and the piles of laundry I have to scale to get anywhere in this house is a bit daunting. So, on that note, off to the laundry pit. Hopefully some sewing will occur later! Stay tuned for more creations.

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