Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two Days in a Row?

Yup. This makes 2 days in a row of updating my blog. And, I have also listed new items in each shop. I love the lime green ear band I listed in GriffinGear. I love the Hot Chocolate Shawl I listed in pandys, however, I was the model and I'm not a fan of using myself. I don't like pictures of me...and as a model, well, how do you stand, what do you do with your hands, where do you look, do you smile, do you keep a straight face? Too many options.


Crochet by Momma J said...

Woo hoo - look at that sexy model!!! Shawl's not too bad either!

New England Quilter said...

Nice sunglasses ;-)
That shawl is gorgeous!!