Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 2

I had grandiose plans for is what happened
1. Was out of mailers, so didn't package order. Drove by PO, line was HUGE. Will deal with that on Tuesday.
2. Already listed item
3. Made it to fabric store, and, (drumroll please) KEPT TO THE LIST
4. Took pictures of hat and 2 earbands, however, Bogart the Lion wasn't here and he has already left for the night, so I will need to think of something else. Hat pictures need to be redone.
5. Did not tweak shawl
6. Cut out couch sack, had to rewash and dry ribbing (THANKS GEORGE)
7. Did 3 1/2 loads of laundry-washed, dried, folded and put away
8. Went to grocery store, skipped CVS-realized I didn't need anything and the $4 off any purchase of $20 or more really was going to be more of a waste of time, gas, etc.
9. Had lunch at home, saving more time and $$.
10. Never made the walk..

I spent 3 1/2 hours cleaning/straightening the work room/trash room AND the cellar. We come in through the garage into the work room, then into the cellar where we (In theory) hang up coats, bags, stow shoes in cubbies, sort laundry, store excess food, chest freezer is there, along with the woodstove and woodbox. So, you can imagine the magnitude of dirt, dust, clutter, trash and just CRAP I had to deal with. Then, it took me 45 minutes to put away everything that was downstairs that belonged on the other 2 floors.

So, did I get my list done? No. But, I got more done that wasn't on the list. Instead of doing things for ME, I did things that made me happy but also was a benefit to the rest of the family, so I feel like I made way more progress that if I had done my list.

Today's list...
Swamp out the den...
1. Clean out 2007 from filing cabinet, make room to file 2008
2. Excavate pile of crap that is supporting computer-I know there is a desk under there somewhere
3. Put books back on bookshelf, clean crap out of closet to put kids card table and chairs and easel, so they can be OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR.
4. Read the Sunday paper
5. Try this time for myself I've heard so much about......

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Ladybuggz said...

yay for keeping to list at fabric store!
*offers goody of choice as reward*