Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 2 Update, Day 3 Plan

Okay, so yesterday....I thought I could clean out the file cabinet, clean off the desk and floor in the den and it would take about 2 hours. Yeah, right.

First off, the filing cabinet was broken so I had to break it to open it. I never cleaned out 2007 to file 2008. However, the filing cabinet was purchased before we got married in 2001, so there was A LOT in there. I tossed manuals from items we don't own anymore, product registration cards I never sent in...and, please, tell me WHY I still have the printout from my bridal registries AND baby registry? Yeah, are you getting the picture?

So, after 5 1/2 hours of work, everything is sorted and put away. Remember all of my efforts in the nice clean organized trash room? Well, you really can't walk through there again, but only because of the paper grocery bags of recyclables, the broken file cabinet and 4 smooshed cardboard boxes!

I also cleaned out the den closet, the "just cram it in there" closet. Now, the kids card table and chairs and their easel is in there, neatly, along with the vaccuum cleaner and carpet shampooer. My desk is clutter free (it needs to be cleaned but I only have so much energy/motivation in a day) and right now, I'm using the keyboard, on the tray, and nothing fell when I pulled it out. I also pushed my chair back and pulled it back in, just because I could do it. There is nothing on the floor to hamper it's movement!!!!!!

Now, I'm off to the lake to get my children. No sewing got done this weekend, but a lot of work was accomplished and I feel much more calm, organized and focused. I'll sew tonight as I watch Dancing with the Stars.


New England Quilter said...

Oh my - you must have found lots of interesting papers in that file cabinet! Have fun sewing tonight!

ElegantSnobbery said...

It must have been cleaning weekend, because that is all I did, too. And now everything is back to the usual mess, only a day and a half later. These kids!!

Andrea Baker said...

Tag your it!! Head on over to my blog and see what this tag is all about!