Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life Thoughts..Random Events or Master Plan?

It's a gray, damp, chilly fall day. Good for staying in bed, curling up on the couch with a good book and a cat. Not in this house! I had my daughter's first parent teacher conference for kindergarten. Some of you may know that the whole kid thing was a foreign concept to me until I had my own. I was a little apprehensive walking in-if there was something lacking in my daughter's school performance, of course I was going to look to myself as the cause.

I sat down and the teacher told me my daughter was intelligent, incredibly creative, very willing to learn, did her work very quickly and tended to wander..so I asked what I needed to be doing to help her in school. Imagine my suprise (and pleasure) when the teacher said, do not change a thing. You are doing an amazing job enriching her in things outside of school. You are keeping her creative spirit alive.

Then, I come home and see that I have had a comment on my blog about George, my "helper" from a woman who used to work at the animal shelter where he and Gracie came from. Yes, I still keep in touch 2 years later. The funny thing? I've never met this woman. We talked on the phone a few times. She and I have a connection. Gracie. She and I both saw Gracie for what she truly is, a very shy, timid yet incredibly loving and friendly cat. I couldn't leave her at the shelter, even though she didn't want to be touched and stayed in the back of the cage. Even though this woman has moved to the other side of the country, we will keep in touch through something as seemingling mundane as a black long haired cat picked off the street.

So, was it fate or was it the Master Plan that me, a somewhat disorganized, creative person had 2 creative, inquisitive children? Was it fate or was it the Master Plan that I walked into the Animal Shelter that day, 2 years ago, and the cat room we were supposed to go in was being cleaned, so we went into the smaller room? Either way, I have been incredibly blessed with 2 amazing children, the friendship of a woman 200 miles away and the love of a stocky little black cat.


Andrea Baker said...

Its always great when you hear GOOD things about your children from the teacher. I think we've become a negative focused society. Being a Parent Consultant we always tried to urge the teachers to send home POSITIVE notes to parents about their children.

Allie said...

What a thoughtful and moving post! Made me smile! You really have a talent for writing! :), allie