Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Things

I'm going to try and start keeping this blog more updated. I've been creating new items for both shops, and in my pandys shop, my new thing is very creative descriptions. I had a great time thinking up the story for my Wild in the Street Market tote....

She glanced at her watch nervously. Come on, come on she mumbled under her breath at the cars on the street. Seeing an opening, she bolted across 2 lanes of traffic to the farmers market. Her new boyfriend was going to be at her apartment in 30 minutes. She was cooking him dinner for the first time...and was running VERY late.

She walked up and down the aisles, checking each vendor's wares. She picked up some romaine and red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, onions.....further down, she added a nice loaf of poppy seed bread, a large bunch of celery and some strawberries. Okay, she thought, I can get home before he gets there. Grabbing a fresh squeezed lemonade, she hurried home. Not thinking, she tossed her empty cup into her Market Tote by Pandys of Lake Sunapee. The lemonade was gone, but the bottom of the cup was full of ice.

She ran up the stairs, unlocked the door and put her bags on the counter. She pulled out the vegetables and fruit. As she pulled out the loaf of bread, she realized the bag had ripped. Crumbs and poppyseeds littered the bottom of the bag. She then saw the lemonade cup on its side, the now melted ice slowly seeping across the bottom of the bag.

The doorbell rang. He was here. What to do? She quickly grabbed a towel and wiped out the bottom of the bag. Crumbs and water disappeared instantly. Hanging the bag on the rack next to the door, she smoothed her hair, took a deep breath, and with a shaky hand, reached for the door knob............................

and now that it's sold, I need to make a different one and come up with Chapter 2. Feel free to check out my shop for more descriptions...if nothing else, they should make you smile.

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Chris Stone said...

great description story. how about a stoription?