Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Usually, I come up with an idea and look through my fabric stash and create something unique...or I see some fabric and it inspires me to turn it into something wonderful. This one particular piece of fabric has been annoyingly silent since it arrived. I like it, but it doesn't offer any suggestions and it's been really bugging me.

Now, as most of you creative types are well aware, supplies can take over your entire house. My fabric is oozing out of my sewing room, across the hall and is getting alarmingly close to my daughter's bedroom door. I decided I need to start creating with what I have rather than continually buying more really neat fabric (and no, it's not working. At all)

So, I spent a week staring at this fabric, keeping it in a ziplock bag while out and about, just in case. Still nothing. Disgusted, I tossed the bag on the cutting, ahem, dining table and it zipped right across the table and fell into a tub of fabric. Right on top was the nylon fabric I use for waterproof lining. The colors of the fabric looked good against the black of the lining. I knew I had a beige zipper in my zipper box.....how about a waterpoof lined pouch? Or should I wait and dig through ALL of my fabric and make a tote with it, a beer quilt, coasters?

I got disgusted with my self and just started cutting. I created a lovely pouch. I'm still not sure if that's what the fabric was supposed to be, though.

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