Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Mondays....

after a week of beautiful weather...pretty much suck!!! I have lots of ideas for new products in both shops, however, due to my own brain cramp, am without a sewing machine. I forgot to have it serviced for 2 years. It really likes to be cleaned, oiled and adjusted on an annual basis. So, here I sit, with 2 bored kids, cooped up inside, a mountain of fabric pleading to be cut up and made into something super cool, a brain full of ideas...and only a few pieces cut. Why? well, I have a great idea but it needs a few incarnations before it's fit for public viewing. As I am unable to stitch something together to see how it works, I am reluctant to cut out a bunch of fabric. I don't want to have to throw it out when I find the final product bears no resemblance to what I started with. And, since I only purchase small amounts of fabrics (helps keep the One of A Kind, Unique and Handmade feel in my shop) I hate to waste anything!!!!!!

Hopefully my sewing machine will be back soon and you can check out both of my shops for new and exciting items by the end of the week.

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