Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring has Sprung

So, I'm back trying to blog, I've been really working hard on decluttering my house. The last room I have to tackle is the sewing room. Let's just say I got burned out at Christmas sewing for family and friends...besides etsy....and I literally piled my bags of fleece right inside the sewing room door.......there is lots of sorting and organizing to be done, but I'm getting ready and have some new ideas to work on.

I'm also studying for my state licences for life insurance and securities. Yeah, I know. Like I needed to start a new business venture with all my spare time.

My seeds are sprouting, if it stops raining for 2 days in a row, the peas and lettuce are going in. The vegetable bed is thawed, and the first batch of compost has been added and worked in. Just waiting to have the time to assemble the pea fences and put them up...and for the ground to be dry enough to support them.

So, in honor of spring, and nature..and all of us frantically getting out to enjoy the warm weather and gardens....please enjoy my Busy Bees quilt.


kim* said...

yeah sometimes we take breaks and those are good for us. now you are ready and got your creative juices flowin

The Momma said...

Cute quilt!!!

Momma J said...

I wish you luck on your new venture! And I love that quilt!