Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Fainting...but...

I blogged! After a few months off..due to camera problems, hectic life, but most of all, computer problems, I am back to share my lovely pearls of wisdom with you all once again.

In the "off season" we had my daughter's birthday. She got a pair of very fancy jeans with a purple sparkly belt...opened them and said, Mummy, look, a really cool belt with jeans attached (she turned 6).

At the Christmas pageant rehearsal, my son, the shepard, turned his hat around so the back was covering his face and shouted, "Good Lord, I can't see a thing".

Christmas was great, Santa brought Sarah a scooter, which she really wanted, however, she realized the kitchen is a lot smaller on a moving scooter than on her own two feet. And the cabinets are sturdy.

Griffin got the 3 trains he really wanted, Spencer, Bertie the Bus, and Henrietta who is Toby's coach. He also got a freight yard with a tractor trailer so Daddy can play trains, also.

Our New Years wasn't so great. We had the barf bug that week. I think I'm finally caught up on laundry. I did tons of laundry after Christmas (I mentioned Griffin needed new underpants, casually, at Thanksgiving. He got over 40 pairs for Christmas. We did Christmas with my family on the 28th, my mom said she couldn't find any underwear in his size for his stocking. I told her my husband's entire family bought it all out) and then, to top it all off, after yet another load of sheets, blankets and towels, the cat barfed in the laundry basket of clean laundry. What fun.

So, now my computer is working, it's snowing, I've blogged and I think we're all going to go read a Magic Tree House book and snuggle on the couch.


Crochet by Momma J said...

Ouch - just picked myself up off the floor. Is that really you!?! Welcome back to the land of the living!

Andrea Baker said...

Its so nice to see you blogging again!

Leah said...

Your kids crack me up! Glad you're all feeling better. :)

Ladybuggz said...

you'll never have to wash Griffin's underwear again (at least until he outgrows them) !!!