Monday, July 30, 2007

Okay, trying to stay current with this blog....can I just tell you how crazy it is trying to keep up with the garden, rather the weed bed, the lawn that hasn't been mowed since July 1st, running up and down the road to the lake for sailing, swimming and other enjoyable summer activities. Add to the mix an Etsy shop with all the street teams and promotional work, a blog and a Flickr account.......then bills and other mundane household chores......anyone ever sleep?

I did take time off and read the last Harry Potter book.....I am not going to spoil the ending for anyone, but the actual ending (who lives and who dies) really wasn't that important.....the entire ending was so much more complex and very well written and thought out. I was sad that the books are done, but was very pleased with how well all the loose ends were tied. So, that leads to the next question...what to read next. I will take suggestions from anyone!


Happy House Quilts said...

you need to post your weird tag here at your blog then tag 6 more people and then they comment at your blog and so on, and so it when you can...i know you are running raged this summer!

Happy House Quilts said...

Oh, sorry I can't recommend a book...I am ADD...giggle...can't sit still for reading...have a good week at the lake!!!

Angela said...

Your life sounds just like mine!
How to do it all, I don't know.

I loved your weirdness at HHQ. I totally relate, except for lima beans, gross.

It sounds so cool hanging out at the lake. Like in a movie.